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Discussion in 'Commissions' started by Avalia-Kasa, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Request here or PM me!


    :sing:!!!SUMMER DISCOUNT!!!:sing:
    Originals are now only 200 points at max until August 10th!!!
    Equivalent on PayPal: $2.50!!
    You can commission any genre below.
    Originals for UTAU releases, games, shows, etc. are 150 points ($2).
    More than one UTAU in the discount amounts to an extra 10 points per extra, but with PayPal you don't have to pay any more than the original price.​


    I'm not exactly sure if this will go over well eheh.. if it's too expensive for you and I like your UTAU we could probably compromise ; w ;

    I used to have an original trade thread on UTAForum.. well, I still do, but once I'm done with those, I'm closing the thread. It's a little too crazy trading now and if I want to get an oto or something like that I'll open it again but I'm wayyy behind on those and I need to finish them. ((Plus, tbh, I really dislike a lot of the UTAUloids people want me to make originals with eheh..))

    So, the starting price will be 400 per song (meaning if you want a series, 400 each song). I-I know that's expensive for some people but I kept asking my friends what would be a good price and they were like "400. DO IT." so eheh  ; w ;'' some of them said i should do like a thousand and then i just was like dying oh god
    Originally I was going to make them 100-200 or maybe 20 points per hour but yeah, 400 will be the starting price ; w ; if I really like your UTAUloid and you don't have enough points, then we can probably make a compromise. Oh, and if you draw the art for the original I also might lower the price... just a bit though q w q;; i hate being rude, but it depends on how nicely you draw ehehehe...

    You can give me a mood to go on, but please don't give me lyrics to make a song based off of or a melody. I make BGM before I make the rest of the song, so it would help more if you just give me a mood and a general idea if you want it a story-based song.

    Things I will do:
    -write story-based songs
    -write in English
    -write in Japanese
    -write in French if you help me translate
    -write in my fictional language if you want me to~
    -write personal songs
    -art for it (occasionally, very very rarely though)

    Things I won't do:
    -write in Japanese just because you think Japan's the most kawaii sugoi country ever (I just love the language)
    -write in English with a Japanese UTAUloid (I've done that in the past... ew)
    -write in French without help
    -write about gore/creepiness unless I really, really, really, feel demented that day lolol
    -write songs about praising or hating on another UTAU/VOCALOID (for example, "I hope I'll be like Len!" or "Down with Kasane!!" I hate songs like that orz)
    -write several story songs on just 400 points; 400 per song. Unless you compromise, eheh.

    Soo yeah.. if nobody's interested then I guess I'll go rot in my corner again just like I normally do when opening commissions... :iconforeveraloneplz:

    Oh, and you can also commission me just for BGM for a visual novel or game or something if you want. But I can't guarantee I can make it superlovelynice.. then again, that goes for all my songs ehehehehehehe //flies away

    ((By the way I think this is my worst song just a warning don't ever make me do techno-y songs please))





    Orchestral: https://soundcloud.com/avaliakasa/battle-of-gliese-581g-feat

    Orchestral/Celtic (my favorite genre to do~ but it takes longer): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DKKIXsg0W4 | http://soundcloud.com/avaliakasa/grace-feat-ai-ikeda-rika | https://soundcloud.com/avaliakasa/ehwi-feat-mira-tsutsuma

    Piano: https://soundcloud.com/avaliakasa/cliches-from-adoration-street | https://soundcloud.com/avaliakasa/it-faded-into-the-night-sky

    Acapella/Chorus (this is old, oops): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekmk-ofWME8

    Lullaby-ish?.. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-Bj78_BWIY | https://soundcloud.com/avaliakasa/cliches-from-adoration-street

    Pop??: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgVDIoHo_DM

    ??? Somewhat electronica??? : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khqd66KW4KQ | https://soundcloud.com/avaliakasa/shine-dance-feat-jonetsu | https://soundcloud.com/avaliakasa/predilection-feat-meron-chan

    ????? (has guitar/piano but not enough piano to be classified as such): https://soundcloud.com/avaliakasa/maka-feat-lunaire-morine


    And lastly, commissions temporarily close on August 15!! I'll be redoing the whole thing and making it look nicer, and when it's done I'll have slots. The summer discount ends the 10th.

    FAQ: http://fav.me/d6bf3jt
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    So your saying, you will use our UTAU and make a song with lyrics and everything!?

    Wow that sounds awesome, 400dA points isn't much x3

    Uhm... Would you able to do a song like Hello/ How are you? Like soft and happy

    Expect many edits to this post

    1. Kinda confused ~>.< So, your offering an original song where you do everything, (lyrics, BGM e.t.c) except art? That sounds cool.
  4. Avalia-Kasa

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    Yes I am!! I make the song/lyrics/bgm and everything.. I can do.. somewhat soft and happy songs but it's not exactly my favorite thing to do and I don't think I'm particularly good at it (plus, Hello/How are You is actually sad but sounds happy)
    I do everything including art if you give it to me, but I give discounts if I like your art and would rather someone else do it (if it's a release, then no)

    FAQ here now: http://fav.me/d6bf3jt

    ((this goes for anyone else now--i'm going to edit the first post, oops))

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