[UTAU] Redīre [Matsudappoiyo edge]

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    redeo, redīre, redivi(ii), reditus V
    return, go back, give back; fall back on, revert to; respond, pay back;

    EDIT: Reuploaded to fix a lyrics mistake generously pointed out to me by いちごタルト. ありがとうございます。

    im always very conflicted about balloon's work because i love flower and i love his instrumentals and lyrics but damn do i hate how he tunes.

    so have some matsu instead. also nice flashback to latin me.

    Title: Redīre (レディーレ)
    Music/Lyrics: Balloon (バルーン)
    Video: avogado6 (アボガド6)
    Singer: Matsudappoiyo edge (松田っぽいよ edge)
    UST: かつおぶし@P名募集P
    English Translation: Hazuki no Yume
    Subtitles: TheBlackCero
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