(UTAU) Secret Sleuth + UST (Kohaku Merry Troflux)

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    UST download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RzchmfWAHyP6dT3FgkDtDdVwY1fZKy7K/view


    My first full length cover from scrach wow. I'm super proud of myself for pulling it off! ^^

    But anyway yes, my first full lenght cover. And my first UST distribution too as a matter of fact! Now keep in mind this is the first UST I put up for download so there might be some minor issues. I checked it a couple of times so it *should* be fine but some things might have slipped my radar so do keep that in mind when using it.

    Speaking of usage, please credit me when using thank you (also not mandatory but you are 100 percent welcome to link what you made in the comments I would love to hear it ^^)


    Original song/Instrumental: Van de Shop
    UST and Tuning: Me
    Mixing: Me
    Original Video: link
    Character art by 爆弾清掃人MS

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