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    Okay, So i'm supposed to make a horror story for Halloween or whatever. I want to base it on UTAU's. If this is even allowed. So i'm asking, if you wish to have you're UTAU in my story..
    I hope this is allowed. I won't use your UTAU without your permission.

    UTAU Name ;
    Name you wish to go by for the 'crediting'* ;
    Gender of UTAU ;
    Age of UTAU ;
    Do you want your UTAU to be the 'Bad-Guy/Girl', 'Good-Guy/Girl', or 'Innocent Guy/Girl' ;
    If you want your UTAU to shift into an animal or being in the story, what being/animal ;
    UTAU Image for the front cover poster (if you wish to have it shown, please make it in a full body form, or a chibi like.**)
    Again, i have no clue if this is to go here. If you wish to read this, tell me and I will put it on Quizilla or something.

    EDIT(10/8/12), (10/9/12)~ ;
    UTAU's ;
    1. Suzuki Kokoro - Good girl
    2. Suzuki Miru - Innocent Girl
    3. Onsei Lulu - Innocent Girl
    4. Onsei Zuiichi - Bad Guy (not too terribly bad. :p)
    5. Akita Melody - Good Girl

    EDIT (10/9/12)~ ;
    Story Settings and Stuff ;
    Place ; Ichinomiya, Japan
    Day/Month ; Day Before and of Halloween/Kannazuki (Please correct if wrong)
    Season ; Fall? (please correct if wrong)
    Year ; 2048 (yay lool)

    * - I will credit you at the end for being the creator of your UTAU.
    ** -
    (Miku is to show the type, but please make a full body, and transparent background and please have it in black and white..Please, i have no colour ink..)

    EDITT~ ; Go ahead and colour them if you're interested. I can get some coloured ink i think.

    EDIT(10/8/12)~ ; I have a Deadline, that needs to be done soon, as I need to turn in the paper that has the character names and stuff.

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