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    OK, so before you go ahead and read this pile of literacy, I hope you know I just wrote this out of boredom and brain-deadness.

    Enjoy this poopy creepypasta.


    It took me until I had reached eighth grade to grasp the interest in understanding what VOCALOID was. It had started out very simply; surfing the internet in the computer lab of junior high, browsing on Youtube when I should have been finishing my work. I came across an Ievan’s Polkka video by a teenage girl with teal pigtails, who I assumed by the title of the video was named Hatsune Miku. I read the description of this video, which read:

    “Hatsune Miku is not human.
    this voice is from software "VOCALOID"
    Fujita Saki is the original voice of Hatsune Miku.” – junichirokoizumi on Youtube

    Consider my interest piqued at this information. Within the following months, I delved into the world of VOCALOID, starting slowly with the Miku songs I could find (such as World is Mine, Cendrillon, etc. etc.), then progressing onto other VOCALOIDs, such as KAITO, MEIKO, Rin and Len, and so on. Eventually, I was the brainiac and go-to guy on everything VOCALOID. Most of my friends were a bit weirded out by this; close-minded otakus, you could say, but that didn’t stop me from making VOCALOID my favourite music genre. I was happy with this new treasure I had found, and I wasn’t going to let their attitude stop me.

    May, a distant friend of mine who switched schools not long after grade ten, asked me if I knew much about UTAU? I knew nothing about it at that time, so I went home that night and did a quick Google search on what UTAU was. I came to a Wikipedia page that read:
    "Utau (stylized and most often referred to as UTAU) is a Japanese singing synthesizer application created by Ameya/Ayame. This program is similar to the Vocaloid software, with the difference that it is freeware instead of being released under third party licensing.” – Wikipedia

    There, I met Kasane Teto.

    I’m going to be honest, I hated Teto’s voice when I first heard it, and thought to myself: “what, so it’s a cheap rip-off of VOCALOID? Honestly, that’s so stupid!” and didn’t touch it for a few months. However, May’s enthusiasm towards it made me wonder if I had been a little hard on it. I started listening to other UTAU, such as Suiga Sora, Nagone Mako, and Namine Ritsu (who’s voice I fell in love with instantly), among many others. UTAU began to grow on me.

    So to make this a bit briefer, you can assume where I went next. Up to the website, downloaded the program, got myself a few voicebanks, and used trial and error to locale my computer after I got sick of using the few romaji encoded voicebanks of VIPs I could find. I was on a role, and learning more every day. You could even say I was borderline obsessed with it for years. Hell, it killed my grades throughout grade nine and ten.

    I was ecstatic to make my own UTAU, after using so many banks. I started like most UTAU n00bs; crappy quality samples with no oto.ini due to the fact I didn’t really understand what it was at the time, but you could say I adapted. I began to understand the software more and more. Eventually RED (not to be mistaken with RED-Ayu), my UTAU, was born. He was super low-quality and had a thicker accent than Otakune Weeaboo, but at the time, he was a dream come true for me. I tried him with different resamplers. TIPS made him sound like he was wheezing, Fresamp made him sound like a chipmunk, and World4UTAU wouldn’t render his sounds. I was getting desperate, and thoughts of Model4 were circulating in my head. I shamefully looked up whatever I could to see if I could find a download link somewhere, and even after I knew it was in closed beta, I was still looking. I heard that it leaked somewhere on the internet, and I went through hell and back before finding a link on mediafire.
    It was a simple description for the download, which only said: “UTAU_M4.zip”, which looked a bit fishy, but hell, that was good enough for me. I eagerly downloaded it, and after about fifteen minutes of loading (which was much longer than usual resamplers), it appeared in My Downloads. I unzipped it right away, only to find Winrar state that the file was corrupt.

    My heart broke into a thousand pieces.

    But like a stubborn brat, I tried again, only this time to find it working. It was weird, but I figured it must’ve had something to do with the fact that I had changed where the files were unzipping to. I didn’t really feel like questioning it; I was a bit more focused on the fact I HAD FREAKING M4 ON MY COMPUTER. I watched the files unzip before my eyes, there seemed to be a huge amount of files being packed into my UTAU folder. It was all gibberish and Japanese for a while, but I started to notice titles in caps lock flashing across my eyes in red text (oddly enough). I simply shrugged this off however, and went about my business; I was too excited to let the weird vibes get to me. I opened UTAU, and chose the Fireflower .ust who’s creator I forgot, and selected RED out of my voicebanks. I kept the same basic flags that were preset on the .ust, and quickly rushed to my new cherished resampler. I could feel my heart racing and my face grinning as I clicked manically on the application labeled UTAU_M4.

    For a moment UTAU stilled, which was weird since I had never had problems with UTAU before. I almost wanted to groan out and borderline yell at my computer, but I was frozen along with it. I just watched the screen as UTAU went white, as if not responding. I waited for a good five minutes, and eventually, UTAU unfroze. I felt a sigh of relief escape my lungs as I pressed “OK” on the project settings.

    Strangely enough, RED’s icon in the corner had disappeared, which was disappointing because I realized how faulty M4 was at this point; I mean, it was in closed beta after all, it could’ve very well done screwy things to the UTAU program. I clicked on the icon to look at his profile and to see if the picture would come back. It didn’t.

    I noticed that all the basic info (ie. The amount of samples, frequency average, etc.) was uncertain. By that I mean, instead of numbers, there were only question marks. Everything I had written in RED’s readme.txt seems to be screwy too. His description started with:

    H E Y  T H A N K S  F O R  T H E  D O W N L O A D

    Which wasn’t too far off from what I had written, just without the caps lock and the weird spacing. I realized now that “M4” was screwing around with my computer. Was it a virus? I clicked on the sample to only hear white noise. I felt my eyebrows furrow as I clicked sample again. White noise again, but a bit louder this time. I clicked again and again, almost in a trance, listening over and over again. As I clicked, I began to make out other sounds in the noise. At first it sounded like a chuckle, then manic laugher, but I realized that it was only loud, hysterical sobbing. I haven’t heard many people cry hysterically before, but I think it’s fair to say it sounded a great deal like me, which was actually… really disturbing. What’s even more disturbing was how my mind just accepted that because it was an UTAU based off of my voice. My mouse lingered over the sample button for a moment longer as I tried to gather the courage to press it one more time, but I couldn’t. I exited the profile.
    I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to continue at this point. I’d been so excited to get this M4 engine, which I’ve realized at this point wasn’t what I had downloaded, was I really going to back out now?

    I closed UTAU and deleted “UTAU_M4.zip” and it’s files from my computer. I was done for the day.

    When I opened up UTAU again after a few days, I received a message from the software reading:


    Right, whatever the hell that meant. Anyways, I went into project settings and found the box under the resampler setting checked with UTAU_M4.exe still there. It had made itself my default resampler. I tried to uncheck the box, but I couldn’t. I chose RED again for my voicebank, and decided to check things out. I was going to test out this resampler.
    I created a few notes in the C3 range and lowered them by about an octave. I changed the lyrics around, and selected them all. Once I hit the play button, the black box that shows the rendering popped up like usual, but nothing was shown. Eventually, Japanese text began to type on my screen. I could make out basic hiragana, but before I could take note of it, the text box disappeared. My samples began to play.
    It was one of the most horrifying sounds I’d ever heard.
    There wasn’t any screaming or seven voices at once, nothing like that. But every note that was hit had a strange pitch to it that made it painful to listen to. I heard white noise again, but with faint singing, mumbling. As it went on, the voice became louder, and I realized it wasn’t even singing the lyrics I put in. It kept repeating a phrase over and over again, which I can’t recall even now, as I type this out. After that, actually…

    I don’t remember.

    I thought I did, but… as I think about it, I lose memory of it.
    Well, regardless, I replaced my computer since then. Got a Mac, actually.
    I also promised myself I wouldn’t touch UTAU again, or, if I did, I wouldn’t be downloading any illegal resamplers from mediafire. E V E R  A G A I N.
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    Interesting read. Just finished reading at... 4:31 AM. Tired and bored as hell since I can't sleep, thanks for entertaining me for a bit. ^^
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    Oh man. I really like this. I was literally on the edge of my seat. ;A;
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    Very interesting I enjoyed reading it ^_^
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    Can I repost this on dA?
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    That was actually an entertaining and interesting read. I'm surprised at how well you can type at those hours. When I do that, I usually ramble on incoherently. Heck, I make no sense while I'm awake. XD
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