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    Mimiko Koeru's New voice bank CV(Normal "Alien" 1) has been released! It's now downloadable on media fire as a .rar.
    If you want a hear what his voice sounds like as to see if you would like this Utauloid. Click here or type it in.

    Mimiko Koeru will also have a new voice bank that is more clear and have better quality to it in a few months or so.
    Voice bank 2 (Electronic "Alien" 2) as a new CV voice bank. There might and might not be a VCV. or CVC voice bank in the future.
    This UTAUloid only has 1 voice bank so far. This UTAUloid lacks fraqs. oto and oto ini.

    This Utauloid is Male and will not have any derivatives such as a female bend to him, Because that already exists.
    There will be more coming video's/covers of vocaloid songs and or new songs i will be creating on my channel Carousel_Demon669 on YouTube. Enjoy Downloading this utau and doing what you want with it. Look forward to see new updates on Mimiko Koeru's Voice Banks.


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