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    Hello everyone!

    I'll be doing an Utauloid Comissions since there isn't many on here (plus I need the extra money). Not to be sure i'm clear, i'll be making the VOICES of the UTAULOID, that's it, not the drawing of it (because right now ive got the jitters and I cant draw for my life @.@).

    Now I'm not necessarily a pro, but with enough practice and work i'll be really good, promise :D Ive made 2 Utauloids of my own, they are NeeNeeko-chan and Taki-kun. Now Taki was my first, and of course with the first thing you make they dont come out as good, but NeeNeeko, haaaa~ She came out waaaaay better lol. So i'll show you want ive made so far here.

    With this song I purposefully made her sound terrible in the first part of the song (this part was her uncut version, not fixed up) after the pause you will notice quite the change and how much more smoother she says her words


    (As you can see, Taki-kun doesnt sound as pleasant as I would like him to be :/ but he sounds much more smoother than NeeNeeko-chan)

    In this song Michiko stars with NeeNeeko-chan, now Michiko IS NOT MINE. I helped a girl out (for free) with her utauloid creation (she basically gave me her voice and I created the voicebank). Now Michiko is a bit fuzzy because her owner doesn't have a good mic and a proper audio recording program, so she didn't come out as clear, but to be honest, I kinda like how she came out.


    Now for how the Commissions will work.

    A Japanese CV bank will cost $5 with an additional fee of $3 for the oto. (people do not realize the oto. is evil and a pain ಠ_ಠ ). This will take on average a week of time (remember, I have other things to do).

    Now I would never get lazy and just make it a half assed job of it, I understand how some people feel when they first are new to it and look for someone to help then make one only to get promised a lie n reality slaps em in the face >.> so no I wont do that, when I make your Utauloid I will put my whole effort into making it sound good. Now remember, it wont be perfect like Makune Hachi or Like some of Steel's work like on [UTAU] Splatter Party + UST [Electrolysis] (which btw, had an eargasm from it, listen to it >:D ).

    Now I don't feel comfortable just yet for VCV, just because I'm still not used to it and what not, plus, everyone should start out with a CV first (my opinion). But I hope to some time though.


    Now,most people use PayPal, well I was thinking of doing that but when I brought up up with my bank lady....weeeeell.....she didn't feel comfortable with it (now don't get me wrong, she a real good lady and cares about me cause she knows my life and all the money problems I have). So PayPal is out of the question for the time, instead I'll be taking Checks as payments (they are one of the cheapest ways of payments and a bit safer IF you write the check out properly). If the check bounces (which then forces ME to PAY $20 on it) YOU will have to pay in cash by mail PLUS the $20. So please, please, PLEASE, be sure you have the sufficient money in your account before you give me the check!

    To do a commission just pm me and give me a brief bio of yourself, The Utauloid you wish to make (ie. voice type ect.), and I will discuss how things will be handled and what not.

    A must on your end is that you record your voice and mail it to me by mp3 or wav. format. You also MUST try to avoid using built in microphones on laptops, unless you want you utauloid to be really fuzzy and practically inaudible. I will then pm you my main email so that you can send me the work.

    As a rule for myself and everyone, I will post a vid or mp3 form of the Soon To Be Utauloid For everyone's opinion, not for self advertising, but to get critiques and learn what I should work on more next time and how to go about it (the name of the utauloid and it's voice owner will not be revealed unless given permission).

    Another rule is when the Utauloid is completely done I am to be given permission to post it onto my account as well as the owners account as a way to credit both the voice owner and myself (now I'm sorta self advertising myself).

    Thanks for reading and understanding!!

    you can also find my main page here

    my youtube here

    My tumblr here

    if you have any questions just ask!

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