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    I made this on a whim as an assignment for an algorithms class last year, and promptly forgot about it until I dug it out last week. I ended up fixing it up and adding a GUI.

    A little demo:

    Download here.

    Source code here.

    Disclaimer: PLEASE EDIT the reclists after generation...they're probably imperfect right out of the box, especially if your language is like Japanese where e.g. /si/ is an unwanted combination. (Also, if you don't know what VCV or CVVC voicebanks are, I recommend you look them up ^^)

    As the name states, this is a tool to generate CVVC (without terminal VC's...but I might add that later) and VCV reclists for UTAU, no matter the language. (In fact, you could type in a bunch of gibberish (space-separated, of course) and it would still do stuff.)

    Note: this means that hiragana, katakana, and other syllabaries are off limits. But you could easily just replace them with the phonemes and substitute back after generating the reclist~

    It's guaranteed to come up with a sequence that has every single combination necessary, and only has those combinations once.

    (How? CVVC: puts every vowel as a node in the complete directed graph, and finds an Eulerian circuit, then adds each consonant before each vowel. VCV: same thing, but interspaces the consonants between the vowels in the original Eulerian path instead.)

    This also comes with an "X*" tab for creating VV/CC combinations - for every phoneme, somewhere in the reclist you can find that phoneme before every other phoneme and after every other phoneme.

    (This just finds an Eulerian path on the complete directed graph where all the nodes are all the phonemes.)

    And finally, I just decided to add a CV generator, because why not :3

    If you have any feature suggestions or bug reports, please comment! (This is literally my first post on Utaforum, though...I will probably be more responsive to comments on YT or Vocaloid Amino.)

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    that's kind of awesome!
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    This is great, thanks for the cool resource!

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