Virtual High (Chapter 1 excerpt)

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    ((EDIT: This fan-fiction is now available to read on FanFiction.NET~ The link's under this here spoiler...))

    So this is a bit of fan-fiction that I wrote, featuring utauloids Ron Keine, Matsudappoiyo, Ura Ron (Ron Keine's blonde version/counterpart), and Matsudappoine.

    Oh, and before you get started (you can skip this small part of you want), there's a few concepts and other information in this fan-fiction that I just want to state so that reading this is a bit easier:
    • Ron, Poiyo, Ura Ron, and Poine all live in the same home.
    • The home itself is a small, American-style 2-story house, as for all the others in the (fairly large) community.
    • Ura Ron, literally meaning 'Reverse Ron', is portrayed as a near-opposite of Ron Keine: very flamboyant, mischievous, is a bit of a ladies'-man and will fail horribly at it later to come, full of energy, and loves to screw around with fellow UTAU friends.
    • No, Ura Ron isn't evil, like in the UTAU fanfic "Doppelganger" from FanFiction.NET.. which you can read here →
    • In the long-run, this story is more than likely going to be what people on pixiv call 'UTABL', featuring Poiyo*Ron.  If you don't have a clue of what UTABL is just by looking at it, I highly recommend you go to and see for yourself. (relax, the loving will be PG-13)
    I also have some links to pictures of the 4 main characters of my story, in case you don't know who they are:
    Ron Keine →
    Matsudappoiyo →
    Ura Ron →
    Matsudappoine →
    Okay, that's about all I have to say, happy reading~  (`・ω・´)”

    Chapter 1 – First Day’s Start
    “Poiyo… It’s time to wake up…”

    Disturbed from a much-loved sleep; one of Matsudappoiyo’s greatest vexations. His slow transitioning from a dreamy subconsciousness to the fully-awake state only allowed for him to lay in his bed and moan softly.

    “Come on, Poiyo, school starts today, you need to get up!”

    The source of the smooth familiar voice began gently shaking his sleepy form. More complaint-filled groans followed.

    The awake roommate humphed, “Poiyo, I just got an idea, and if you don’t get up out of bed, I guarantee you, you’re not going to like it”.

    Poiyo gathered the minimum required energy to do nothing more than lazily pull the thick blankets over his head. He knew very well that this roommate of his is early to rise, perhaps a little too early for his own good.

    Moments of still silence; then the blankets slowly slid off the bed, landing on the floor, leaving Poiyo exposed to the cool air of the early morning. The sleepy utau hated the feeling: the loss of comforting heat. He curled up on his side, trying to preserve whatever heat remained where he lay.

    “Aaaw~ You really are a deep sleeper, aren’t you? Come here…”. A pair of arms—seemingly freezing at the fingers—took a hold of him from under the knees and the upper-back, slowly dragging him up out of the leisure of his bed. Then he felt the slight rhythmic bumps of the carrier’s footsteps. He opened his eyes, which met with the vivid blue of Ron Keine’s. Poiyo tried his best to make a slight pout, a false dislike to being carried out of bed; simultaneously contradicted by slight snuggling as his head leaned on the front of Ron’s shoulder. The tired conscience never lies.

    Ron mocked the other’s pout, lips poked out slightly, but more so in the form of a somewhat taunting smile.

    “See? Waking up isn’t so difficult, is it?”

    Poiyo’s response consisted of a few sleepy-eyed blinks and a slight shift in the position of his head, trying to be more comfortable while held in Ron’s arms.

    Ron laughed softly: “I can’t tell if you like this or hate it”. Good thing, too; no need to be embarrassed if an insignificant truth is never revealed. Thankfulness was cut short by the deep low laughter of a third individual, a very peculiar and quirky individual.

    Ura Ron; the cocky, blonde look-alike of Ron Keine, as if he was some sort of cloning experiment gone wrong.

    “Ha!” Ura Ron was amused by what he saw, “When you told me that Poiyo loves to sleep, you weren’t kidding!”. In response, Poiyo turned his head and gave the blonde an irritated expression, unintentionally entertaining his target by mistake.

    “You oughta put him down, lil’ brother, seems like he just might fall asleep while you’re holding him~” The blonde continued.

    “Hm, you’re right…” The ebony Ron temporarily glanced at Poiyo, “…and I’m not your little brother; I was created first, so that makes me older.”

    “Whatever, Ron-Ron” A smile grew on Ura Ron’s face, “but if we were the Mario Brothers, you know very well that I’d be Mario, ‘cause I’m awesome like that”. Ron Keine shook his head in disapproval: this was the reason that he preferred Sonic games over the mainstream Nintendo that his look-alike played. With that said and done, the blonde figured it was time for Poiyo’s morning dose of annoyance.

    “Anyway, who wouldn’t resist holding someone so cute when he’s sleepy?” The quirky utau leaned in very close to Poiyo’s face—noses almost touching—and continued on about how Poiyo slept like a baby.

    “…‘cause you’re just so cute and adorable and you make all your fan-girls so happy and they just want to pinch your cheeks and—”

    His teasing was spontaneously interrupted when Poiyo jumped out of Ron’s hold and pounced on the other—too tired to intend for any harm—and knocked him down to the floor successfully. Ura Ron laughed out loud at such a surprise, “Oh! It’s a baby tiger! Two can play at that game!”. They play-wrestled, each trying to pin the other down to the carpeted floor of the hallway. Poiyo’s resistance to smile had ceased, especially with Ura Ron making horribly-executed tiger-growls through his laughter.

    “Come on, guys…” Keine Ron sighed, “I know you two are excited for school, but that gives you no right to act like a bunch of little kids”. Ura Ron turned around to respond to what was said:

    “—” The blonde was immediately caught off-guard and sent tumbling from another of Poiyo’s pounces. For the time being, he allowed the short-haired sleeper to pin him to the floor.

    “Hell yeah, we’re excited! Virtual High School is, like, heaven for all of us! And who’s to say we’re being little kids when you were crying about your meat-bun being too spicy the other night?”

    “Hey, I wasn’t crying, I was complaining.” Ron pouted, “It was really spicy, okay? I usually don’t like it like that”.

    “You had tears in your eyes, you were crying”.

    “It was late at night, I was really over-tired, and I’m sensitive to spicy foods when I’m tired, okay?”.

    “Sensitive, my ass. You cried because you didn’t have it your way”.

    “Shut up…” He continued his cute pout; looking away in another direction, arms folded, and letting his undone hair hide his face a tad.

    “Now… Where was I?” Ura Ron turned his attention from his ‘older sibling’ to Poiyo, who had loosened his grip on the blonde during their bickering. “Ah, yes… Poiyo…”. The blonde managed to flip the both of them over so that he was on top pinning Poiyo instead of the other way around. A fourth voice—softer and feminine—sounded in the hallway.

    “Supervising foreplay, eh, Ron?” she joked. Hearing the rather unexpected remark from Matsudappoine—Matsudappoiyo’s sister—sent Ura Ron literally rolling on the floor laughing; rolling off of Poiyo, who was also having a difficult time controlling his laughter. Even Ron looked away, trying to hide his smile; he knew the situation she caught them all in could have easily been misinterpreted at first sight.

    “`Morning, guys; glad to see everyone is up and full of energy”. Her smile was warm and welcoming, the remainder of her body-language spelled perky, a bit tomboyish, down-to-earth teen. Living in the same house with three boys would turn any humble and gentle girl into someone a little rougher and tougher.

    “We’ve got about forty-five minutes before we have to leave for school, so make sure you’re all ready before then”. Poine was, in a sense, a motherly figure of the house; she tells the boys what has to be done, and they do it. If one of the boys—usually Ura Ron—does something he’s not supposed to, she’ll scold him for it and even come up with the appropriate punishment.

    The adrenaline in Ura Ron and Poiyo began to slowly disappear; their play-time was over because Poine said so. The energetic blonde quickly rolled up onto his feet and went on into his bedroom to begin his morning routine, but not before playfully tackling Ron in a hug upon departure. Then Poiyo got up on his feet, stretched a little, and let out a small sigh as he rubbed the back of his head.

    “You just had to carry me out of bed, didn’t you, Ron?”

    “It’s not my fault you refused to wake up~” Ron smiled slightly.

    “Mmm… Whatever.” He mumbled, still with a hint of sleepiness in his speech, “Come on, do as my sister says and get ready for school.”

    ...Do you like it? >w<  It's my first time in a long time writing a fan-fiction, so... yeah.  Nit-picky critiques and constructive criticism, keep it coming; I want to be a better writer.
    Oh, and if there's anything that needs correcting, please let me know! (I hate making mistakes... orz)

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