VocaLounge: a vocalsynth-themed Mastodon instance!

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    We've opened up VocaLounge, a new vocalsynth-themed Mastodon server!

    What is Mastodon, you ask? It's a social media platform much like Twitter, but with a lot of other benefits. You can read more about it in this guide! Mastodon has been catching on as a Twitter alternative lately, but it's dependent on people hosting different servers as "nodes" of sort for people to join the network with, and a big problem is that a lot of people don't know what server to try it out with...

    ...But more importantly, I just thought it'd be really fun to have a vocalsynth-themed one :creepy:

    Our goal is to create a warm, safe, friendly space for vocalsynth fans to socialize, hang around, post their work, and maybe find new people -- and to also connect with them from different places on the Mastodon/fediverse network (if you're already on a different instance, we made an ambassador account to help you federate in so you can be accessible and searchable from ours)! If you're still not sure about some aspects of it, that's okay -- we have a great moderation team that's always here to help out, so we encourage you to check it out if you're interested and see if you like it!

    And of course, although it's vocalsynth-themed, you don't have to talk about it all the time -- photos of your cat, or what you had for lunch today, or even fanart of your favorite video game. We're here to bring people together, but part of the fun of connecting with other people is through their other interests, too!

    Like I said, we also have a great moderation team, so you can read about how it works and how we want to make it a fun and comfortable space for everyone to hang out and post their work. Come check it out!

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