Critique Requested Want Opinions/Help about my Multipitch(?) UTAU names and design!

Discussion in 'Art & Graphics' started by Elin, May 25, 2018.

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    (Feel free to move this thread if you think it´s in the wrong forum...)
    Anyway, It´s mainly the name I was thinking on.
    I gonna call my UTAU "Chromozone" (from the word chromosome), As I said in the description I gonna record multipitch voicebank(3 pitches).
    And I thought, what if I want one design for my Androgynous voice, a design for the Female sounding voice(pitch) and a design for the Male sounding voice(pitch)?
    The Female Voice I´m gonna call "Chromozone XX"(because of the gender).
    The Male Voice "Chromozone XY", and the androgyonus voice(my default voice by the way) either "Chromozone XYX" or "Chromozone 0" (as in zero).
    What do you think?
    And I don´t know where I can take requests about my design though...
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    Well the idea is good, but thats not how multipitch works. Multipitch is not recording multiple voices, thats multiexpression.

    Multipitch is recording the same voice in multiple pitches (low, mid, high)

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