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    Hello! I am an new incomer here at the Utaforum website. it's a pleasure meeting you! Now, let me introduce myself. shall I?

    - Animals
    - Cute things
    - Utau/Fanloid/Vocaloid

    - People being mean to others
    - Animal Abuse
    - Being to sensitive to things (Meaning: being to sad or mad about something. pretty much emotional wise)

    Extra information about me:

    I am an kind and friendly woman! who is always positive about things. But, can sometimes be a bit rude. But, only to those who are mean back I'd never be rude if you did nothing to me at all. I mean saying "No" is fine to me. But, being rude about something is when I will be rude back. So, treat others the way you want to be treated please, thanks! And, I am a big lover of Baby Animals.. they are just so adorable. And, my most favorite animals would be Ferrets, Kittens and Puppies. But, I am down for anything cute wise- I just have a big obsession with cute things!
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