What am I doing wrong here? ? pls help VCV sounding like a CV

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    I tried after a while recording a new VCV voicebank however once configured it sounds like it was a CV, I commonly use overlap at 75 with preuterance ranging between 250-300 and 120 bpm. I recorded a new voicebank to test but I do not know how it sounds in that I used 83,333 of overlap and preuterance of 250 fixed and 120bpm but I still think it looks like a CV.

    Is there any combination of overlap and preutrance and bpm more stable and have a smoother transition? I know there is no magic combination but is there one that has less problems?

    Sample 83.333 | 250:
    Sample 75 | 250 - 300:
    VB 83.333 | 250 mentioned for anyone who wants to analyze:

    Note: Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

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