What do you think singthesis will look like in 10 years?

Discussion in 'Multiple / Other Voice Synths' started by partial, Mar 5, 2017.

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    What do you think will be the leading vocal synthesis program? Why? Do you ever think UTAU will surpass Vocaloid in terms of popularity? Do you expect another new, clear method for recording Japanese to catch fire and take off? I'm curious, guys.
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    My hopes/predictions in that Vocaloid will remain popular, but so too will Alter/Ego gain users. More music producers will turn to synthesized vocals as another element in their work. UTAU is probably going to stay a niche thing, unless there's suddenly another update that makes it unicode friendly and gives it an API complex enough to handle Arpasing in a presamp-like way. I obviously don't expect to hear vocalsynth on the radio, but it's going to reach beyond the anime fascination and become part of the general internet music consciousness. Like vaporwave?
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    I'm not sure. I think there'll be more producers using utau in the future, like Police Picadilly with Yamine Renri. I don't think utau will necessarily outshine Vocaloid, what with marketing and popular figures like the Hatsune Miku and the other cryptonloids. Vocaloid gets constant updates,(V3,V4, etc.) But utau hasn't from Aya/Ame in a while.

    I remember reading a thread about the future of utau or something, and that if the program isn't being updated, in time it'll end up being obsolete or unusable, but idk if that'll happen. Some popular utau might end up like the ones that used to have their long-standing fame, (Momo Momone, etc.) and so I think that utau's still long ways from surpassing vocaloid, giving those various factors.
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