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Discussion in 'Support & Feedback' started by Tomato Hentai, Nov 30, 2016.

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    On the forums I (used to) frequent, and social media too, people are spamming more and more gore. It's driving me and other users away, especially when it doesn't get properly dealt with. While UtaForum isn't as large as these sites, I still would like to write this thread to lower the impact of gore spam when it does happen, just in case.

    For some reason, people don't know what to do when this happens, but the answer is pretty simple.

    Report and leave the thread.

    Do not respond to the thread, this will only push it higher onto the "most recent posts" section, drawing attention to it and making more people click on it. This is what the spammer wants.
    Most people cannot handle looking at gore, and I'm one of those people. Doing your part by reporting and leaving the thread will make people less inclined to leave UtaForum.

    If the gore is in a post made in response to a thread, do the same thing. Report the post and move along until the post gets removed. Do not quote it, do not reply to the thread.

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