Who's UTAU want's to be in my story?

Discussion in 'UTAU Roleplay' started by CHAOSinDaHaUs, Mar 29, 2012.

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    Hey everyone I'm writing a story featuring my UTAU's Riley and Coraline and me and CannibalisticButler's UTAU character Richard. Riley is the narrator of the story. Coraline is Riley's best friend who betrays her( still biolgoically male but is transgendered) when she dates Riley's crush behind her back. Richard is Riley's crush.

    there are acouple character spots still open

    Childhood friend(has to be male):
    Queenbee (the b#%*):
    Riley's  other friend:
    Other spots maybe be added

    Please state the personality of your UTAU and english name i can use for them.
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    My UTAU, KUSO, would very much like to be the childhood friend. ^_^

    Name: KUSO(No last name)
    Personality: He very much enjoys being outside. He's very sociable and pretty smooth with the ladies*if you know what I mean*. He likes being around girls(obviously) and is really nice guy, even though he is sometimes quite impulsive. He tends not to be violent unless they throw the first punch.
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    Name: amaterasu miya
    Personality: she is a sadist, thus tends to be rude, ignorant, easily angered, and aggressive. If someone gets in her way or annoys her, she isn't afraid of being violent to solve the problem. if she sees someone hurt or in need of help, she would either just laugh at them, or go over to them and injure them further, she is also...well, perverted.

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