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    Well since my laptop is still in repair I might as well not let my writing skills go to waste. Basically, I'm writing oneshots using prompts people request. I'll take 3 at a time and post them separately. The rules for requesting are as follows.

    • Prompts must be related to UTAU. This is UTAforum so it wouldn't make any sense for me to write about something like Steven Universe.
    • Any genre is allowed, but prompts must not be 18+. Basically 'No Lemons'.
    • Romance/Shipping prompts have a bit more rules. I'll write one if it includes your UTAU x another UTAU that you own or have permission to ship with or VIPPERloid x VIPPERloid. I honestly don't feel comfortable writing stories shipping someones random UTAU with a popular one or shipping two random popular ones together without the original creator's permission unless its a trollfic. Also, no blood related brother/sister ones.
    • One prompt per post. If you have multiple prompts, wait until I finish the 3 I have so I can see if someone else has a request and if not, then I can take yours.
    • Keep prompts simple. Don't ask for something like an epic about Teto saving the world over the course of 358/2 days using french bread powers with the help of other UTAU's with the most extravagant plot twists that puts famous novels to shame.
    • I'll only take one trollfic request per 3, I'm trying to really improve my writing and while I love a good trollfic, I don't want this whole thread being trollfic requests
    • If you can, after I publish your prompt, I would love criticism in areas I could improve on so I can take that into account for later ones.
    • Don't beg me about when your prompt will be finished. Now while I shouldn't take too long, I don't like people repeatedly badgering me about when their prompt will be finished. Just be patient, it'll be done soon enough
    • I rather not write a self-inserts unless the role you choose is just being your UTAU's master and not the main focus
    TL;DR: Really, you couldn't read the rules...well here's two examples since you're too lazy to read a short amount of text.

    • Good: My prompt request is my UTAU Kuso Shimi [糞 染み] just relaxing one day while his twin just bothers him because she's bored and finds it humorous. If you can, I would like a few mentions of my UTAU's partner just to show that they're together. Thank you :smile:

    • Bad: So OK, I know u ain't finish my current request but I just got these idesa! First I want a story with my UTAU Kuso Shimi goin on adventures with Ruko and Shuu and they all get together because its ma OT3 sum chaptas should be fine and lots of banging cause dat shit be hot yo, and den I want a ship fic that has Aiko Kikyuune x WALTT because I ship dat and I want lemons in that one 2 also sum chaptes shud be fine. Then I want a Voltron/FNAF/Undertale/South Park/SU/Gravity Falls/Supernatual/WOY/Dragon Ball/Sonic/Mario/SSB/Fire Emblem/Ed Edd Eddy/Haruhi/[Insert Random VN Here]/Pokemon/Kingdom Hearts and Avatar/Korra with them all coming to the multiverse to save the world with the help of me, can u insert me in da stroy and make it about 70 chapta saga. Also make surre KevEdd and Skeleton Dance and Me x Dipper and Axel x Roxas and dese other ships [insert random ships here] are in da story or I'ma be fumin. Also, when are u gonna finish my current prompy! You take to long! Hurry up I got a trollfic request becuse I read the gurl who requestd the one you got and dat be shit yo! LOL!
    Bit extreme, but you get my point. Well, that's about it. Start sending in requests :smile:

    Current Prompt Requests

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