Yamine Renri keeps crashing UTAU Synth? But her Clear voicebank doesn't crash?

Discussion in 'UtaHelp' started by DELTΔ, Sep 23, 2017.

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    Whenever I use Yamine Renri for a song, and i click play, she sings the first few words fine, then UTAU freezes and crashes. However whenever i use her Clear voicebank, there are no problems.
    Some people say it's the resampler maybe, but UTAU Synth can't use diff resamps or plugins as some of you know. I also hate Windows UTAU. And if her Clear voicebank worked fine with the default resampler, then maybe it isn't the resampler's fault??? And her Clear and Normal banks sound pretty much the same thing but i just prefer her normal bank since it sounds softer to me.
    Someone please help orz
    Also, slightly off topic but still an UTAU issue, when i select all and hit K for lyric settings or whatever and click apply to selection, it removes all pitch bends points and stuff from before. Is it supposed to do that? That's a problem because some UST's come with completely flat envelopes which make the notes sound robotic and lifeless, and it's a pain to manually adjust every envelope for every note in the song.
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    Unfortunately I can't help you with the Yamine Renri problem as I'm away from my laptop, but the second one is easily told.
    Aight so basically, when you hit k you are resetting the UST to its default state, which resets all the pitchbends and envelopes to how they were before somebody edited them or your specified default state. By pressing K, a window thing comes up. All the tabs in that window are affected. Idk if I'm explaining this right, so let me know if you have any further questions.

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