You know what they say.... History repeats itself.

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    So, I'm working on fleshing out a good background story for my utau series.

    I already decided it takes place in the near future. Wyatt Snyder was born in 1999, so that means if he was 14 when the trio was born, that means Andromeda, Caelum, and Aquila were born in 2013. If they're currently 18 years old, that means it takes place in 2031. Not that far away if you think about it. There is a World War being fought overseas and the government has a rather morbid idea for new soldiers.

    Since the team and I are American based, it's going to take place in the United States with characters from other countries. East coast since that's what we're the most familiar with, mid Atlantic to be more specific. It's going to take place in a fictional city named Grace.

    General idea:
    Wyatt Snyder was a highly intelligent child, studying in fields his strictly religious family didn't approve of. Fearing what their boy was doing, he was given away to the government. They took full advantage of his curiosity and encouraged him to study genetics while giving him his own lab to conduct experiments in. While experimenting, he learned how to create humans from artificial sources. With a lack of morals and a curious mind, he continued experimenting on these until he could finally get them to live. It started with an unnamed pair, but one ended up splitting into two, creating what is technically identical twins, but look nothing alike. At the time of the experiments' "birth," there were three rather than two. After spending months taking care of the experiments and watching them grow in test tubes, he grew attached to them, but he knew what their fate was. He knew what they were meant for... A legal loophole to send children to war so the government could throw their enemies off. "To be human is to be born from a mother and father," the law says. If there is not mother or father, are they actually human? Wyatt realised he was being used, but he had nowhere else to go. He knew he couldn't raise 3 children by himself, but he felt he needed to save them. After all, he created them... They're his children. After the children were "born," he'd play music for them to comfort them and bond with them. He wasn't sure what else to do, so he's play piano and sing for them. He'd tell them stories about his home, and the friends he knew. The things he loved, and what he looked forward to.

    Description of the Triplets:
    Intended to be fraternal twins, two girls. But one of them split into two creating Aquila and Caelum. Wyatt openly admits he has no idea where the Y chromosome came from, but can confirm Caelum is genetically male beyond any doubt. (Genetically female: XX, Genetically male: XY.) This is the reasoning behind Caelum and Aquila's similar appearances, and how the three are triplets, but Andromeda looks absolutely nothing like her siblings. The two children that were intended were meant to be mixed-twins, which are fraternal twins but one takes on more recessive genes (which are typically lighter colors w/ straight hair) and the other tends to take more dominant genes (which are typically the darker ones w/ curly hair.)

    Introduced characters: Wyatt, Andromeda, Caelum, Aquila.

    After weighing out his options, he decided that taking them and running was his best bet if he wanted to ensure their safety. Homeless, scared, hungry... Wyatt gave his everything to ensure his babies were safe. An old friend named Andande Andrews ended up finding him in one of his hiding places and offered him a place to stay with his kids. Andande Andrews was an old friend from before Wyatt got sent away, he was a kind hearted boy, only a year or two older than Wyatt. At this time Wyatt would have been 16, the triplets would have been 2, and Andande would have been 17. Andande was thrown out of his parents house because he got a girl of a different race pregnant and his parents didn't approve. So he dropped out of school to provide for his new family and has been doing fairly well. His girlfriend was a beautiful girl named Melody Hartman, and their baby was a little girl named Jacklyn Andrews. Thanks to Andande, Wyatt was able to get back on his feet, and eventually moved out, but stayed nearby.

    Introduced characters: Andande, Melody, Jacklyn,

    Several years later, Andande was found dead in his own home. Klan related. At this time, him and Melody had their second child, a now 3 year old named Kevin. Melody was heart broken, but managed the best she could. Jacklyn was now 7 years. A detective named Hunter Wilson worked on the family's case, and this is how Kevin Andrews and Star Wilson met, Star Wilson was the daughter of the detective. Meanwhile, Caelum ended up getting severely ill when he was about 4 years old and struggled to recover. Spending years of the edge of death, he was unable to do the same things as his sisters. Since his father was busy working and his sisters were 7, Wyatt developed a special AI named Eclipse to watch over, take care of, and keep Caelum company.

    Introduced characters: Kevin, Hunter, Star, Eclipse.

    By the time Caelum was about 13 he started to recover from his mysterious illness, but by this time, Andromeda was getting in fights in school constantly and Aquila was barely attending. Wyatt wasn't sure what to do, but when Caelum finally started attending, the girls followed his lead. He had a hard time adjusting to school life, but having his sisters made it easier. Andromeda never quite grew out of her temper, but she learned how to keep her hands to herself. Thanks to Wyatt, the triplets developed a love for the arts and started middle/high school in the Grace Academy of Music and Arts. At this time, they met strange girls who went by the names Cygnus and Carina. They were a bit older than them, but not by too much. The group came together through their love for music, and eventually stuck. They later learned Cygnus and Carina came from a similar background as the triplets, and Carina felt the group coming together was fate.

    Introduced characters: Cygnus and Carina.

    There are a handful of characters that don't have an in depth background, but here's how they get introduced.

    -While attending the Grace Academy of Music and Arts (GAMA), they also met Lyra and Corvus in class. Lyra in drama, and Corvus in art.
    -In the Academy, Kian was in the marching band with Caelum and Cygnus. Kian later marries Cygnus.
    -The Mizuko siblings (Taro, Hanako and Haku) moved to the city of Grace because the oldest one needed special medical treatment and had to go to a specialized hospital.

    Will be added to later.

    Missing characters: Ryoko, Ace, Helena, Elian, Victor, Sora, Sioc.
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