【MMD x Utauカバー】World Is Mine 【Fabricia VCV】

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Oct 17, 2023 at 6:11 AM
Posted by FuranZombie
Original Song by Ryo (Supercell) ft Hatsune Miku
VsqX by @AdamEdmond (converted and edited a bit by me)
Video by @belarosavaldemiavt
Model by @hanakoexequiel766 (also Fabri VP)
Motion by Seto & SEGA
-AutoLuminous & MotionBlur by Sobooro
-LightBloom by Kurorinpon
-WorkingFloor & ActiveParticle by Harigane
-Particles by Ikeno
-DiscoLight by Intervention-P
-RainbowParticles by GABAkunP
SPiCa Stage by Dan1024 and SEGA
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