【UTAU】Lily Lily ★ Burning Night【勿怪音カレン】14th Anniversary

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Apr 19, 2024 at 6:22 PM
Posted by violetR
UST/SVP from @Purinkun
Lyrics from @fxsynth
Art by https://twitter.com/LEMLEMMLE
Happy 14th Anniversary, Karen!

My goal is to have new banks in time for her 15th next year. Gawd I'm fking OLDDDDDDD i am SORRYYYYYYYYyyyy.

Thank you to anyone who ever watched one of my videos. Anyone who ever liked a video, commented, admired from afar. Anyone who ever drew me a crumb (I probably have it tbh). Thank you to the friends I made from this little random hobby I picked up on a whim, abandoned, and came back multiple times.

(oh my god one day she is going to be older than I was when I MADE her merry crisis!!)

This is a recover from 2010: https://youtu.be/sN5Zo89rXMQ

(late posting bc I could not get into my utaforum acct lmao)
web @ https://dloids.tumblr.com/
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