【UTAU】Rabbit Hole【勿怪音タンセイ ~THIRD~ β】

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May 11, 2024 at 6:54 PM
Posted by violetR
ust. @narzum
orig. deco*27

This was all because of Rachie's ENG cover lmao - first I doodled the art, I started rendering the art, then I hated his v2, so I "test recorded" a v3 and then spent HOURS oto'ing the bank, testing the bank, mixing the bank into songs, finding flags...... then getting irritated, finding alternative voice changers (none of them work the way I need LMAO) then finishing this art.........

Anyway he has a v3 bank :D there are things I like about it but it's not so much an improvement over v2. I recorded a CVVV Style! I have a hard time rn recording VCV until I can get back in the groove again (also I get shy......)

enjoy :3c
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