[UTAU] The Defeated Boy [Matsudappoiyo Light]

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Nov 22, 2021 at 12:00 PM
Posted by hopeandjoy
"When I was a boy, many long years ago… I yearned to stand tall as the heroes of eld. But like a fool seeking to pluck the stars from the heavens, my every attempt to reprise their deeds fell short." "And then, one day, and all but forgotten dream from my youth stood before me, in the flesh."

i was listening to this song just a few days ago when it hit me: catboy feels. this is a very intensely g'raha song, especially immediately post 5.0, and i wish i had the skills to make an animatic/MAD/fanvid/whatever the youths are calling it these days. instead: have this, a cover that's already been done with ppoiyo years ago by someone else. i had to get this out of my system before Endwalker drops and gives me fresh feels though.

Title: The Defeated Boy (敗北の少年)
Music/Lyrics: kemu
Art: Hatsuko
Video: ke-sanβ
Singer: Matsudappoiyo Light (松田っぽいよ Light)
UST: Spooky-Tan
Translation and Subs: Coleena Wu
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