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    how to make a voicebank in utau-synth

    In this thread I've discussed how to use OREMO on Mac, as well as alternatives to OREMO.
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    OpenUTAU Not Rendering Notes

    For anyone reading this thread in the future, we've understood the problem and found a solution. At the time of posting, the latest version of OpenUtau only checked the aliases of the OTO for valid lyrics. OP's voicebank was not fully aliased, so any lyrics that weren't present in the aliases...
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    OpenUTAU Not Rendering Notes

    I recommend joining the Discord server so you can discuss this directly with the developer.
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    What is up with these wav files?

    This appears to be a VCV voicebank. When using a CV voicebank, you would input the lyrics like so: Romaji: ka | e | ru | no | u | ta | ga Hiragana: か|え|る|の|う|た|が When using a VCV voicebank, each syllable would borrow the vowel from the previous note for a smoother transition. - か|a え|e る|u の|o...
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    Is There An Alternative To Oremo?

    The latest Mac-native version is available here: However, if that's not working, or if you'd like the newer features only available for Windows, you have a few options for how you can run the Windows version, which you can...
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    Hiragana to Romaji converter not working

    Double check that you've installed UTAU correctly. You might have problems running plugins, etc. if everything is still in Program Files and hasn't been moved to another folder. Once you're able to run the plugin, it...
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    Hiragana to Romaji converter not working

    You can also use the iroiro plugin to convert between Hiragana and Romaji.
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    Is There An Alternative To Oremo?

    That's a strange issue to have. Would you mind posting an audio sample comparing between the same thing recorded in OREMO and in another recording program? In both cases, the file would have to be a mono 44.1kHz 16bit WAV file, so you might want to use something like Google Drive so we can take...
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    Updating Old UTAU Tools

    If you're enthusiastic to go ahead with working on these projects yourself, by all means go ahead and do whatever you like with the existing repos. If you contribute any interesting ideas I'd be glad to merge them in.
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    Long Reclist?

    The reason that Insanity Basics reaches 10+ syllables is specifically to avoid extra syllables. If you would like to reintroduce those, the most efficient pattern for a Japanese reclist would be 8-9 syllables. You can attempt to merge and re-cut strings together to make them longer than 8, but...
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    Updating Old UTAU Tools

    Seems like it would be a good idea to have online/offline versions of the aliasing tools. The reclist/oto generator is already confirmed to be web-only. As for Context N, VCCV to ARPAsing, and Note Length Multiplier (needs a better name), they'd be much easier to develop and use as windows UTAU...
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    Updating Old UTAU Tools

    Maybe this wasn't clear in my original post, but regardless of which approach I decide to take for a project, I will be rewriting the code. It seems like you missed all of the GitHub links. You're already welcome to modify the existing public code.
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    UST Note Length Multiplier

    The future of this tool is being discussed in this thread. Although this tool was an experimental effort when I first started programming, I do believe it would have some actual utility as an UTAU plugin. Users could selectively "zoom...
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    OTO Aliaser

    The future of this tool is being discussed in this thread. I would like to merge this into Number Duplicate Aliases as a more general alias-editing utility. I'm interested in adding functions for: Find aliases and delete them Find...
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    OTO Suffixer

    The future of this tool is being discussed in this thread. Frankly, I'm convinced that this isn't useful at all, since adding suffixes is built into setParam. For non-Windows users, I could easily replace this with a tutorial on how to...