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    Open Offering Art Mixing OTO Translation Video Website Other Undefined's Freebie Offerwall

    hey (sorry i cant unbold and italicize for some reason) but i have an utau vb without a design, would you be willing to create a design for it ? i can give you details in pm and in exchange i can draw something for u :3 (ill send art examples in pm)
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    Who's your UTAU ace?

    my ace has always been krnb 4gou i love him very much
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    Good cv korean or japanese reclists with the yandere trope? for a fuzzy bank for lance on purpsoe? -her original voier

    i literally cannot understand anything in this post but wouldnt any jp or kor cv reclist work for what you want ???
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    don't understand SETPARAM

    moresampler is Not ment to oto cv vbs, only cvvc and vcv
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    mmd skirt fix

    i think i could fix the skirt, could you give me the model ?
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    What have you been playing lately?

    genshin impact and gta v tbh
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    are you supposed to roll your r's while making a japanese utau?

    its not mandatory or offensive (not sure how it could be offensive tbh) but the r in japanese is like a really soft d/ a mix of r and, and when i recorded vcv, i noticed that i tended to roll my rs a bit even when i didnt mean too, i think its just very easy to make the mistake lol
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    HELP how do i download Mawarine Shuu theres a google drive link
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    Anyone have a Lamprey Hole UST download?

    i have the original ust from the project files, im at school rn but i could give it to you when i get home ?
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    yall omg

    if you were to install utau thru linux you would need to use wine, but as its a school issued chromebook i wouldnt do anything on it if i were you
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    yumemi nemu my belvod

    yumemi nemu my belvod
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    What do you have in common with your UTAU?

    irina and i are both the same height, weight, and we r both gay ♥️
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    The last person to post in this thread wins.

    my sincerest reaction