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    Is this okay?

    I personally don't care but I recommend you do a deep scan of your computer for viruses because it ruined my computer when I used to fux with it when I was like.. 15. Some V2s are pretty cheap now a'days.
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    Farewell dear friend...

    I never thought any of us would ever have to write a true farewell post... never for her. My heart hurts so much.
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    I'm sorry I never told you how much I loved you.
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    UTSU - A cross-platform vocal synth frontend

    Okay cool. It sounds like I won't have much of a problem using my method in UTSU because I'll have to make or convert all the usts by hand regardless of what program I use (which doesn't matter to me).
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    UTSU - A cross-platform vocal synth frontend

    Somebody said UTSU isn't ready to to use vcv in seriously? How so? Does it support experimental voicebanks? Because I have a list that I'd love to use this in, lol.
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    What voicebanks are you planning on recording for your utau? 'v'

    It's been at least a year (probably more bc I've lost count) sense I've done serious recording, and lately I've been thinking about coming back to do a VCCV voicebank or two...
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    UTSU - A cross-platform vocal synth frontend

    If at all possible, when you start the oto part of develop I highly recommend the option for an extra set of overlap and consonant lines.. (the red and green ones lol) so you can have consonants at the end of samples n stuff... NIAONiao is this way. Please I beg of you
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    Making my own "vocaloid merch" to fill a void??

    So Big Al is my dad, right? The lack of merch really upsets me and I really really really want some kind of figurine or maybe even something I can pose if possible. If I can commission my own 3D model for him (because I don't like any of them) could I hypothetically get someone to print it...
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    【Sharpkey】Global Virtual Singers Support Project - SK Galaxy

    Does it have to be a specific language? Can I use an English list?
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    Plogue Alter/Ego

    good riddance tbh
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    What makes an UTAU, good?

    That's the spirit this community needs!!
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    Open Art Free bust ups! (UTAU only)

    My UTAU has been resigned and It's been years sense I've recorded but I probably will again soon... If these are still available his name is Parker!!
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    MelodiaSynth - Web UTAU Frontend in development

    I'm working on a huge English voicebank that seriously goes over the other limit so I'm hoping this will be my saving Grace. God bless
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    MelodiaSynth - Web UTAU Frontend in development

    Psst Does it have an oto limit??
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    I'd Like to see all alien-themed UTAU!

    It's been forever since I finished a voicebank, and my utaus have been redesigned to one big 8 foot tall transdude crossed with alien DNA.... but one day I'll finish this long as voicebank