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    Count to 20,000

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    Count to 20,000

    Wow, is it really only the two of us on this thread lol 4585
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    Count to 20,000

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    [VoXil feat. AVANNA] Lady Day [VOCALOID Original]

    "May she reign for evermore!" NND | Audiomack | Bandcamp Instrumental and VSQx
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    I made a new song with AVANNA! [MEDIA]

    I made a new song with AVANNA!
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    Free alternatives to aviult (or safe English patch)

    Shortcut user here. +1 in favour of it, especially if your computer/laptop can't handle stronger programs. The learning curve is a bit steep if you're coming from another program but it is simple enough that it doesn't take long to get the hang of it.
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    UtaForum 5.0β | The Great Relaunch

    Thank you @NordGeit! I'm not sure if this is an option on the new chat add-on but one thing I really liked about the old one back on UF4.0 was the backup of the chat into a thread for easy access. Not gonna lie, the chat archive would make filtering much easier the way it is implemented now but...
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    Oto not saving- keeps deleting istelf when reopening UTAU

    Where do you have UTAU installed? If it's in the default folder, Program Files or Program Files (x86) depending on computer, UTAU would not have the permissions to modify the oto of the voicebank (or any file of that matter) that's saved in the voice folder. I would suggest that you move your...
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    Count to 20,000

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    Count to 20,000

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    How to post on the utaforum showcase

    It's been a really long time since I've joined UF but I'm guessing that you all don't have the qualifications to post to showcase yet? If I remember correctly, someone has to have made at least made 10 posts to the forum and introduced themselves. I'm not sure if that still applies considering...
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    Count to 20,000

    let's bring his back folks 4572
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    UtaForum 5.0β | The Great Relaunch

    Rest in peace credit system. I would miss converting points to tokens for the sole reason of having tokens lol. The moderator addons seem like a must have at this point considering the lack of active mods we have currently but wow some of those add-ons seems hefty. I guess I should have...