1. MystSaphyr

    MomoCon 2018

    It's that time of year again! I'll be attending MomoCon (Atlanta, GA) next month (May 24th-27th), and this year I actually have an UTAU panel lined up! So far it looks like there's a few Vocaloid events as well! Thursday, May 24th: 5:30 - 6:30 -- Vocaloid Outside of Miku -- Main Panels...
  2. JAY

    Anime Boston 2016?

    Hi everyone! I'm curious, who's gonna be at Anime Boston this year? I know I will for all three days, and I'd love to meet anyone that is going! Make sure that you reply to this and let me know if you are! On a side note, on Saturday, there will be a Vocaloid/UTAU meetup and photoshoot! More...
  3. RollieRyttle

    ComicConNewYork 2014

    Anyone going?? And what days would people be there? also I have no idea what the Uta-people density is around the NYC area , so I'm curious about that too #Icantbetheonlyonehereright?