1. Kiyoteru

    Presamp 0.871

    About Presamp This software allows you to use a CV UST with any Japanese voicebank, regardless of CV, VCV, or CVVC formatting. It is tested to work with UTAU versions 0.2.76 and 0.4.18. You will need the Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 runtime for this software. Download here (Microsoft Download...
  2. Pikachuk(SeleDreamsP)

    Good female arpasing utaus ? (or a way to convert arpasing to an other type ?)

    Hello, i make this post because i'm currently composing a song and i used kye arpasing as placeholder since it seemed it was a good way to make understandable english lyrics but now i'm searching female utaus i could use with the ust i made and i don't find a lot of arpasing compatible utaus...
  3. whiteglove

    Vocaloid 4 VSQx --> VSQ converter?

    I'm looking for a way to convert a VSQxV4 files into Vocaloid2 By the way I typed that, I should be clear. I own the following: -UTAU -Vocaloid2(Miki) -Windows 10 -I own Vocaloid4, but without a singer and with missing files. Yes, I have the plugin for UTAU that converts VSQxV4 into UST files...
  4. Dangosan

    UTAU voicebank converter for Linux 0.75.2f

    A voicebank converter shell script for Linux. Can be used on Windows via MinGW MSYS. Issues: - no oto converter; - some samples have to be converted multiple times to be fully romanized. This version comes with an additional shell script for voicebanks that have "si" and "zi" instead of "swi"...
  5. WretchedKalamity

    Romaji to hirigana vb converter?

    as someone who can't read hirigana at all and I have major difficulty learning new langauges, I want to know if this exists, if not I'll uh... kill for it to exist, if it's a simple code to write, I'd be happy to give you guys stuff in return for making it.