kagamine rin

  1. Pixys

    kagamine rin-Neurotic Nuclear Warhead Girl +pv

  2. Remnant

    Remnant & E*Tank Kagamine Remixes

    Hey everyone! I wanted to post a link here to my playlist for an upcoming album I have coming out that we have named "Kagamine Flips" check em out! Tell me what you think! Maybe give em a like and share! ^_^ I'd super appreciate it! :D <3 Listen to Kagamine Flips by Remnant on #SoundCloud
  3. RoboCheatsyTM

    Cover Kagamine Rin - Patchwork Staccato

    Did this for Rin's birthday!
  4. Pixys

    Original 「Beautiful Kitai feat. 初音ミク , 鏡音リン」

  5. Pixys

    【Vocaloid pv】Princess Syndrome【kagamine rin】

  6. Pikachuk(SeleDreamsP)

    Cover WIP Live and Learn FEAT Kagamine Rin V4 English

    This is the first real vocaloid cover I'm working on at the moment I haven't finished the tuning and some words sound a bit weird like when rin says "ow" on multiple notes when it's supposed to be more of a "oooooo oooo ooo ow" the mixing is not finished yet Some advices would be useful to help...
  7. Pixys

    【Utau/Vocaloid】Empty Song【Rin + Kumi Hitsuboku】+UST

    not sure if to put here or in the vocaloid section but will not be giving out the vsqx version but you are free to convert it to a vsqx urself :-]!
  8. Pixys

    【Kagamine Rin】 CHECK IT OUT NOW【Vocaloid】

  9. Pixys

    【Kagamine Rin】Coppelia【Vocaloid4】

  10. Chasing Constellations

    [Vocaloid Original Song] monophobia [Chasing Constellations ft. Kagamine Rin English]

    Here is our very first original, monophobia! Hope you enjoy!
  11. Kippeh

    (Kagamine Rin V4X)Things I Want You to Hear(Cover)

    Another cover, I didn't render though ; w ; and kinda used the VSQx I tuned for Yukari but anyways Rin sounds amazing and I'll definitely buy her~ Any feedbacks are welcome o/ Original : nekobolo (sasanomaly) VSQx/Mix : Me (using half a head's UST) Render : 黃維賢
  12. samth1815

    Kagamine V3 + English

    News for the V3 update and English Voicebanks of Kagamine Rin and Len will be held here. It is currently unknown which appends the final package will have, although it is expected that one Rin append and one Len append will be left out of the final V3 Package. Their release was originally...