1. Mei-Saime

    [健音テイ] Blood-Stained Switch [UTAUカバー]

    "The Patient's condition has gotten worse..." Finally finished this! Fully tuned and I love me some Tei. I also just realized that her Anniversary is coming up so I'll be ready. ^^ Probably ^^;; UST: moonstr4 Editing/Tuning/Mix: Me Song: AkunoP/Mothy feat. MAYU 健音テイ (C) VIPPALOID/ミナツキトーカ
  2. MystSaphyr

    UST Evil Food Eater Conchita 1.0

    Please be sure to check the README inside for usage notes!
  3. PRISMkidd

    【UTAUかバ】Madame Merry-Go-Round 【ヨザネ イーモ】

    My very first legitimate UTAU cover. I wanted to make something for Iimo's birthday. I added in the extra harmonies, the ones that aren't part of the chorus. I thought that was pretty cool. Special thanks to @Yozane for teaching me everything I know about UTAU and FL Studio. LINKS: ■COVER...