1. Kawaiine Is Queen

    What's the difference between [sil] and [pau] in NNSVS labelling?

    I don't know which to use to label silence between lyrics, what's the difference?
  2. C

    Unicode filename error

    I am trying to make an IPA voice bank, but UTAU doesn’t seem to like it when I use certain Unicode characters as file names or alias names. Is there a way to fix this besides switching the bank to X-SAMPA?
  3. Erwan

    Plugin to change lyrics into phoneme using english UST ?

    Hello ! I'm searching for a plugin to change lyrics into phoneme on an english UST for English UTAUloid Somebody know a plugin for ? ;-; Have a good day !
  4. Aura Autumnus

    Calculate your vowels with Praat and MS Excel 2017-02-04

    Guys, I prepared a tiny tutorial so you can calculate your vowels. This is key to know about your accent, either mother tongue or foreign languages. Praat is a free program I used back in college *wink* We are used to vowel charts, but have in mind that not everybody speaks the same way...