text to speech

  1. Diongoespew!

    Does anyone know any good engine for making your own text to speech in english?

    I mean like similar to Talqu but for English or something that allows you to make your own text to speech box? Bonus points for any similarities to UTAU or other voice snyths where you can share your vb. I highly doubt theirs one like this out there, but I'm highly interested to see! T_T
  2. CurErgo

    I'm new- (+UTAU share introducing thingy lol)

    Hi im new- well Im not NEW to UTAU, I'm actually used UTAU for about 1-2years, but I am new to the forum :V So- Im actually a guy who just makes ridicilously serious UTAU TTS Jinrikis- one of them is a full-fledged multipitch CVVC of the male TTS from text2speech.org... Here have a sample of...
  3. Katie-Chae

    Consensus on UTAU made using tts voices?

    I know using the voices of other's (without their permission) is considered taboo, and I think the same opinion is put on voices using tts (text to speech), but what is the consensus on voices using tts programs that allow for commercial use?