1. Nythoma

    Thoma VB Update | Death (Melanie Martinez Cover) + UST

  2. Nythoma

    「UTAU English | VB Update」 Washing Machine Heart - (Mitski Cover) ft. Thoma

  3. Nythoma

    「UTAU Cover」 Who? (English Version) ft. Thoma

  4. Nythoma

    「UTAU arpasing[+] Release」 Angry ft. Thoma + UST / MIDI

  5. Nythoma

    「UTAU arpasing+ Preview」 Black Sheep ft. Thoma + UST

    My first UTAU cover in almost 3 years, wow... This is a demo for Thoma's arpasing+ voicebank update. I loved this song from the Scott Pilgrim movie and since lyrically it's fairly short, it was actually pretty quick to make.