I am looking for a French voice bank with an MMD model.


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Hello! :sing:
I am looking for a French voice bank (female voice) with an MMD model.
Because I'd like to create an MMD movie of "Les Champs- Elysees".

Maybe , ALYS is good. But I couldn't find a link to buy & download....
Please let me know if you know another French UTAU that have an(some) MMD model(s).

I'm a Japanese , I'm sorry If I wrote some strange English...


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What zeni' said, then it seems Kévin Futarine has one but since it's private you may need to ask his creator directly =o


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Lance has a mot french bank in progress and a Japanese bank! But as of right now the french bank is still being recorded. If you want, I could let you know hwen the bank comes out? Her MMD is coming eventually, but not yet. Theirs other banks I know.

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