Critique Requested 【UTAU VB Release】1/6 -out of the gravity-【Tamaki Yuri VCCV】

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    (This was posted yesterday, but it was wiped out after the UtaForum update ^^; if you saw this the first time/if it comes back, I apologize for the double-post!)

    Sorry there isn’t a full demo reel! I had a second cover in mind, but it didn’t sound too good, and I was really determined to finish this one. So... here’s one song that I put a lot of (last-minute) effort into! I absolutely love everything about this song, especially its lyrics. It reminds me of someone I know, and a small part of me hopes they’ll see this someday.

    I’ve been working on this VB for nearly a year. Someone was originally going to oto it around September, but they couldn’t, so I ended up doing it myself. It worked out because it gave me time to fix some things, but that’s why Yuri’s 2nd anniversary cover sounded so rushed. ;v; I hope this’ll make up for it!

    I definitely plan to update this with more vocal fry/VV add-ons someday; until then, if you have any issues with this bank, please contact me! I’ll keep a log of reported problems. I want you to be able to enjoy her VBs as much as possible <3

    Original - Vocaliod-P feat. Hatsune Miku - nm6971638
    UST - Hono-Harmony
    English lyrics - ham/SirHamnet
    UST conversion/tuning/mix/art - me

    VB download:

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