Open UTAU Voicebank(+Design) for trade


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Initially posted this on Twitter/TH but I figured it might be the best place for this
Im not really active on this site so if you're interested in this VB I advise you to DM me on Twitter (@CosmindArt) or Toyhouse (@Cosmind) instead

About the Voicebank:
  • Voicebank name: RipaKila / リパKila / リパキラ
  • Voicer: Me (Cosmind/Cosmindart)
  • Otoer: NONE, this VB needs otoing (right now it only has a base oto generated by moresampler)
  • Voice type: Japanese VCV
  • Encoding: Romanji
  • Aliasing: Hiragana
  • Recommanded use: around C3

Preview of the unotoed VB singing can be found here

About the Design:

The voicebank comes with rough concept for the character and logo design. You don't have to use these/can change them but all I ask is that you don't make them non-black if possible (I obviously wont call the cops on your or 'revoke the VB ownership' if you do use the voice for a white design but I'd really appreciate it if my voice remained attached to a black design if possible)


What Im looking for:
  • Art, I only have humanoid male/masculine characters. Please have art example that show relevant images, if your art example only show feminine and/or anthro character it will make it harder for me to know what to expect my OCs to look like in your style.
  • other artistic mediums (like custom songs/bgm, writting and stuff)
  • MAYBE a conversion of my main UTAU into a diffsinger, idk. Im kinda bleh about voice synth stuff cuz all my covers sounded like ass lately but who knows, maybe a Diffsinger-WavSEED could be fun to play around
  • Money, kind of a lower priority tbh, Im much more prefer anything listed above
Im not at all interested in character trades
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