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so.... I was trying to make a cvvx voicebank of momo or defoko because I would like to see more realism in her voice but when I go to the "voice bank config" I get an error when placing the wavs, when I use oto2dvcfg the wavs do not appear even though they are together with the dvcfg file...

so if anyone knows how i can fix this i would be happy to hear


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Did you have to edit the files to do this? it's likely the WAV export settings are not correct in some manner. They need to be WAV, 16 bit, unfamiliar with deepvocal but I'd guess 41100 rate and mono.


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1. Double check whether the voicebank terms of use permit the samples to be ported into other synthesizers. If it doesn't say anything about that, you could contact the voicebank creator to ask about it. For voicebanks from Japan it's safer to assume that anything not mentioned is not allowed.
2. I recommend configuring the voicebank from scratch, as the converter is likely expecting a CVVC Japanese voicebank, and may not behave as expected for other languages and formats.
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