What are these raw files and that voice.ini file in the paintvoice app, and how can I create my own?


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I downloaded paintvoice on my phone, and I opened it with ZArchiver. Inside the apk file I found a zip file "default_vocals.zip" which contains the two default voices of paintvoice. Both PV_000 and PV_001 voices have a voice.ini and raw format files. I want to create my own voice bank, but I don't know how I can make a voice.ini and raw files.


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the raw files appear to be formatted in a specific way, so i dont think you can (it isnt just raw audio i checked)
voice.ini is oto.ini with extra parameters (sampling rate)


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You can extract the files through audacity, its signed 8-bit pcm, default endianness, two channels. The samples in the left channel so you split stereo to mono and delete the right channel. I'm pretty sure the sample rate is 44100 hz.

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