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    Line art headshot or chibi: 6 EURO
    Line art full body: 10 EURO

    Base color headshot or chibi: 8 EURO
    Base color full body: 15 EURO

    Fully shaded headshot or chibi: 16 EURO
    Fully shaded full body: 30 EURO

    *10 Euro equals about 11 US Dollars.


    And of course on my gallery…


    - These commission works shall be used for PERSONAL USE ONLY, commercial usage of any kind forbidden!

    - With under 20 Euro commission, I will not start to work on the commission until I'm fully paid.
    If the commission is more worth than that, we can consult about part payment.

    - The prices are final and not negotiable.

    - For international customers, PayPal is the only accepted payment method.

    For Finnish customers, bank transfer is also possible / Suomalaiset asiakkaat voivat maksaa tilaustyön myös tilisiirrolla.

    - The only accepted money currency is EURO (€). I do NOT accept payments in any other currency than that!

    - I do NOT accept hentai, R-18, hard gore or NSFW commissions.
    Revealing clothing is fine as long as it covers genitals and nipples. Also, I don't mind blood as long as it stays in small splashes.

    - I have rights to deny a commission if the request is way too over my current skills and/or the theme of work makes me too uncomfortable.

    - Returns and cancellation aren't possible unless I become absolutely unable to finish the commission. If that's the case, I'll return 100% to the customer.

    - The customer must specify me in their message if they don't want that I post the commission work on my social media (Twitter, DeviantART) and/or that I possible use the art piece for an art portfolio (I don't have one right now but might in future).


    Here, DeviantART, Twitter or e-mail.


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