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Reclists from the Arpasing website

  1. Added reclist

    "An efficient 254 sample reclist based on KLAD's custom list. This contains almost all possible transitions between sounds supported by arpasing."
  2. Edited OREMO comment of 0.2.0

    The OREMO comment now includes the phonemes again, since many users were needing to refer to the document and couldn't rely on the words alone.
    A similar update for the 6 syllable edit will be coming soon.
  3. Added 6 syllable edit of 0.2.0 list

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  4. Added Arpasing 0.2.0

    An update to the default reclist!
  5. Added reclist

    "An efficient, 140 sample, standalone reclist. Example bank is WEM3 KLADlist."
  6. Updated VCCV to Arpasing download

    Now that a tool for automatically deleting duplicates has been made available, it's no longer necessary to distribute an edited oto.ini.
  7. Updated VCCV to Arpasing download

    The download now includes an oto.ini that was generated from Moresampler, and has the excessive duplicates already deleted. Simply combine the VCCV subfolders into one bank, and drop in the oto to make it compatible with Arpasing Assistant.
  8. Default reclist edit

    Leading zeroes have been added to the default reclist, to ensure that the numbers are sorted properly. Without proper sorting, this has lead to some errors when the OTO was edited. Please update!!