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  1. Kiyoteru
    Arpasing reclists featured in this directory are a full setup that includes reclist, index.csv file, and OREMO comment file.
    They may stand alone, or be addons to an existing arpasing reclist.

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    Alternatively, you may submit your reclist by replying to the discussion thread with the following information:
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    Kanru Hua
    Default/Basic 220 sample reclist from original proposal document. Standalone.

    Reclist: PaintedCZ
    Index: Adlez27

    An index.csv for the VCCV English reclist. In order to use, take all samples out of subfolders and have them in the main folder. Delete the subfolders. Rename the file to "index.csv" and add it to the voicebank, then generate an OTO in Moresampler without numbering duplicates. You can use this tool to number this instead. A maximum of 10-20 is recommended. (When duplicates are numbered by Moresampler, hundreds are made for samples such as [- k]. The tool will delete the excess.)