How to Tune in UTAU

guide to making your voicebank sound better in a UST

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    Hello UtaForumers, my name is nadis and today, i'm going to teach you to tune in UATU. Tuning is something that i only recently started to take up but i've found that it comes to me very easily, while with others, it does not. So i'm going to provide some tips and tricks to "properly" tune a voicebank.

    How should it look?

    You may have seen some screenshots of other people's tuning and thought "Wow, that looks really complex and hard, how do they do that i'm jfgdsafgsdfsjfsgfhsj,"

    But here's the thing: your tuning does not have to be some fancy dancy BS that looks overly complex and crazy.
    Screenshot (459).png
    This is a Ust of "How Far I'll Go" made and tuned by Elun. See how simple and totally not crazy it looks? Yeah, and the cover still sounds fricken dope as hell.

    It doesn't take a lot from a pitchbend to manipulate a voice. And there are many different ways to achieve the same or very similar sound when tuning. And the best way to achieve that? Experimenting Screenshot (426).png
    This is an example of my own tuning. See how extreme and exaggerated it is? At the time I screenshotted this, there were alot of errors and mistakes in the way I tuned this such as the very fast vibratos at their current intensity.

    this is what it ended up sounding like when i posted my first sample
    This ust was completely untuned when I found it, which makes the voice sound boring and lacking. SO PLEASE TUNE YOUR COVERS IF YOU WANT TO PRODUCE HIGH QUALITY OR "PASSING" CONTENT.
    Screenshot (460).png
    This is a ust of +REVERSE i am currently tuning. much less complex and crazy. This ust by rokurin is also untuned aside from the tiniest dips in the notes. I've greatly exaggerated some of them because, that is my style of tuning. Not too intimidating, right? and it still sounds pretty good. Unfortunately at this time, I do not have a sample so just take my word for it XD

    How do I get a good sound from a pitchbend?

    Ho man, i am so glad you asked this, because the best way to get a good sound from a pitchbend is...... know what you want it to sound like.

    Let me explain: let's say you want to tune a song for your next cover. chances are, you've heard the song before at least a few times right? Aaaaaand there are definitely favorite versions of that song that you have heard right? So take what you like from what you have heard in other covers and try to replicate hat sound in Utau. I personally like to listen to Utaite covers of a song, and really get to know it and that one cover quite well before I tune. Then I sing the song to myself to see how i would go about covering it if i was actually blessed enough to have a good singing voice. (ps i am not) This helps me put my own spin on my cover.
    Basically? Just do whatever sounds natural even if it means moving a control point eeeeeeever so slightly to the left or right to make it sound like that. Natural tuning does not equal crazy elaborate tuning

    Tuning with Modulation:


    ..... Here's the thing about modulation kids: you don't have to be a god to use it. It's really not that intimidating. Because guess what? You can still control it, the voice doesn't just whip your ass and say "HOKAY USER, I'M IN CHARGE NOW!" Set your modulation across the entire ust and begin tuning.
    Screenshot (461).png
    I like using 30~35 Mod at first, depending on the voice.
    Begin tuning.
    But oh, what's this??? The sample "Ko" sounds strange and out of tune no matter how i move my pitchbends??? Right click the note, and go to its properties
    Screenshot (462).png
    lower the modulation.
    Continue tuning.
    And that's it.
    Congratulations, you now know the basics of handling Modulation. crowds cheering
    The only drawback to tuning with modulation, is that you are tuning specifically for the modulation and not the voice. So after the modulation is removed, the tuning might not sound the same and then you'll be like "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH WHY DIDN'T NADIA TELL ME?"

    I do hope that you find these tips useful. There's a million different ways to tune in Utau, so you don't have to worry about going about it in "the right way" unless it seriously puts your voicebank off tune. I cannot tell you enough to please tune your covers or use a tuned ust so that you can use the bank of your choice to its full potential!

    Now that you know the itty bitty basics, I hope you produce some truly nutworthy covers in your future. Peace out, dudes.
    if these tips helped you at all pls send me the cover you made pls n thx
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  1. Arissa
    The tutorial doesn't quite give much explanation on how to use some tips, such as the different ways to edit pitchbends and how to do so. While they do name some important tools used in tuning, they don't quite elaborate on the specific effects said tool may have, for example when modulation is mentioned, the original poster offers little to no insight on why one might add modulation or what it may do to the voice. Furthermore there are hardly much descriptions on the images shown, as in what the difference is between the images of USTs aside from that way they look, or 'how complicated or simple they may appear'.

    While the tutorial is still helpful on some level, it doesn't do much with its vagueness and lack of clarification on certain aspects.
    1. ☆彡иα∂ιѕ☆彡
      Author's Response
      ah yes i do plan on making a video as well to explain in depth and i will add it to this resource!