How to Tune in UTAU

guide to making your voicebank sound better in a UST

  1. Arissa
    The tutorial doesn't quite give much explanation on how to use some tips, such as the different ways to edit pitchbends and how to do so. While they do name some important tools used in tuning, they don't quite elaborate on the specific effects said tool may have, for example when modulation is mentioned, the original poster offers little to no insight on why one might add modulation or what it may do to the voice. Furthermore there are hardly much descriptions on the images shown, as in what the difference is between the images of USTs aside from that way they look, or 'how complicated or simple they may appear'.

    While the tutorial is still helpful on some level, it doesn't do much with its vagueness and lack of clarification on certain aspects.
    1. ☆彡иα∂ιѕ☆彡
      Author's Response
      ah yes i do plan on making a video as well to explain in depth and i will add it to this resource!