KiyoteruQuest - Recruiting for a collab album

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    Musicians will be composing instrumental tracks and mixing their songs. (Album mastering to be handled by album organizers)
    Lyricists will write song lyrics.
    Tuners will tune and render Kiyoteru's vocals.
    Artists will create track art and video assets.
    Video editors will make the final music videos.
    If you plan to do more than one (ex. write lyrics for your own music, do video with your own art) make sure to sign up for all the relevant roles.
    Since there most likely won't be exactly equal numbers of each role, some people will have to work on more than one song. Please indicate a reasonable maximum amount you're willing to contribute so that you won't be given too much work.
    Hopefully we will have the approval of AHS to distribute the album on digital platforms worldwide, and produce physical merch! If not, the album will be available for free download upon release in April. Either way, every individual music video will be available to view as well.

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