Nonbinary UTAUloids?

Discussion in 'UtaOC' started by sureepi, Jan 21, 2014.

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    @Milly: Ankoku identifies as cis since she's almost 100% female, she just has a penis as well as vagina and her voice can become masculine (like the male bank she has). She's technically intersexed/futa/hermaphrodite like Ruko, but she doesn't see herself as male in any way.
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    Pan Kanino is a hermaphrodite though is written as having "the aesthetics of a female"
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    Mayu doesn't have a given sex but prefers to present as different human gender varieties.
    Celestyn is agender too
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    I know, this threat is all ready many years old but I want to reply on this anyway ><

    My main UTAU called Aki Toka is Genderfluid. He was originally just "male" but that was mainly because I thought before that UTAU that identifies something else than cisgender must be a "joke" and not serious (*cough* *cough* Vippers) plus I didn't know 4-2 years ago that "non-binary" is actually a REAL thing that exists... Buuut now I know way more than back then and think differently ;D

    I have also Azurite the Bird that is intersex, has masculine appearance and likes men <= He's currently only one of my UTAU having a "canon" sexuality

    And then Senchou: I still haven't/couldn't decide if Senchou is trans or queer or whatever officially but she likes to be masculine and doesn't like if someone calls they as "she/her". Well, Senchou is Senchou
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    Koishii Ningen has no gender! this thread is an oldy but a goldie.

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