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Discussion in 'Pairing Discussion' started by PurinPuff, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Aloof

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    Nero Go-on and Yokune Ruko
  2. Zurui

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    I ship Vikotoro Nazucki and Namine Ritsu. 'Nuff said.
  3. Kokoro Hane

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    My favorite happened when I first started using UTAU. When I told my friend I got the program, she told me she voiced an UTAU and I should try her out, Misora Haru. Loved her. Well, I wanted to conver "Cendrillon", needed a male, and I found an UTAU named Jero at the wiki. Liked his design, loaded him in and when I had them sing together...INSTANT OTP! I still love making Jero x Misora Haru covers today, and feel they have always been my best mixed.

    My second would have to be, haha, Yami Yume x Teto Kasane. Yes, Yami is my UTAU, but interestingly enough, the pairing so far has received some love. It's funny as it was my brother's idea to pair them, he was like "Yami would look good with Teto", he does...and sounds good with her, too! And so I ended up shipping them as well, haha.
  4. Skiyoshi 十三

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    For some reason I get a vibe of Maiko Hakaine and Namine Ritsu.It's probably the music the duet together, but the power they make despite their voice differences honestly goes together really well.

    For other's UTAU, I don't like to cause issues so I never actually ship those. > <
  5. aoi・kurt

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    Mathieu X Aiko.
  6. GARMuffin

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    This thread is so old. Still gonna post tho... Sorry if I'm necroing though.
    My goodness, a lot of people shipping Rai x Iris and Mimi x Souta (and Rai x Souta lol) ...

    Warning: Crazy ships ahead. *deep breath*

    Yuren Akakuro x Namine Ritsu (You've heard of my Madness of Duke Venomania cover? If yes, then you might get this.)
    Yuren Akakuro x KUBIKO SHUNE ... Wut. Noh.
    Yuren Akakuro x Hanzo Yamiga (... My new personal favorite. Why? Contrasting dislikes. 'Nuff said. Hate ships are best ships. Heck, even nanaro agrees (... realleh?) Yuren is always the bottom one though. //shot)
    Yuett Egao x Nero C
    Yokune Ruko x Rook
    Reiha Akakuro x Kaibara Daiki (I ship this because of their GGRKS cover (didn't post it). But they're not official... I need to get her a real partner...)
    Rai Akegata x Kiri
    Rai Akegata x Iris Libra
    Namine Ritsu x Miko Ooka
    Mimi Yorune x Kumori Souta
    MEGAne x KUBI SHUNE (This too.)
    Matsudappoiyo x Sukone Tei (Damn it, if Tei wasn't obsessed with Len, it would have been cool. Also, RIP Matsudappoiyo...)
    Mario Fuwa x LORNE
    Kurone Shou x Reiha Akakuro (Again, because of my Judgment of Corruption cover, where I had Shou as MA. If you know the real story, you might as well do in this ship.)
    Kasane Teto x Kasane Ted
    Karasu Yuutsukoe x KUBI SHUNE
    KaiKai Kim x Youe Egao (It's official.)
    KAI KIM x Akane Koue (... Well yeah.)
    Kagene Himeka x Kamirei
    e-CH0 x Shirone Chou
    e-CH0 x Reiha Akakuro (Because of my Judgment of Corruption cover, where I had e-CH0 as Miku. This one really depends on the song...)

    Hanzo Yamiga x Dank Memes
    Maria Fuwa x Memes
    Yuren Akakuro x Chocolates
    Yuren Akakuro x Yuren Akakuro x Yuren Akakuro x Yuren Akakuro x Yuren Akakuro x Yuren Akakuro x Yuren Akakuro x Uhh ... Hanzo? Or Teto? ANYONE?! (... Well sh*t...)
    Kasane Teto x Every French Bread in France (It's the Tetonator!!!!)
    Reiha Akakuro x All of her 5-Star Male Servants in FGO
    Sukone Tei x Cucumbers (... If you know what she does with dem cucumbers...)
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  7. TrebleConfections

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    Bless you for shipping Akane Koue and KAI KIM <333 ;D
  8. Piia

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    Recently I'm shipping Namine Ritsu and Miko Ooka after seeing @kimchi-tan's cover with them two.
    My mind is blocked atm honestly -_- I would say more but I can't think of them right now
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  9. aoi・kurt

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    I'M SO SORRY FOR THE 7MONTHISH NECRO but as a multiligual vosynth enthusiast i need to say something

    maika × memes
    maika × any other synth officially announced to have multiligual capabilities in a single voicebank
    maika is my mommy
    potetu × aiko (their child is a potato-shaped balloon bye)
    ruko × ruko (this one be recent lel)(LMAO THIS IS A CRACKSHIP)
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