Project ASHloid Needs Help!

Discussion in 'Project Recruitment' started by Whimsy, Dec 30, 2016.

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    Are you a somewhat experienced UTAU user that can mix, tune, oto, or do anything related to UTAU that wants to participate in a project developing an UTAU?

    Now's your chance!

    Meet Project ASHloid, for the UTAUloid ASH, whos website can be found here, and female VB samples here.

    ASH is an androgynous UTAU with planned masculine and feminine voicebanks and multilingual capabilities, a current planned English and Japanese banks, maybe even Chinese and Korean should time and resources allow.

    - Someone to oto the banks
    - Someone that knows what they're doing when it comes to making banks that can order me around
    - A beta tester or two
    - A producer
    - Preferably, a masculine voicer

    Please leave a comment here if you are willing to contribute with any skills you have and your contact information, preferably a Skype or Discord so if the project takes off, we can make a group chat.

    Thank you so much for you consideration and I hope we can get Project ASHloid to be a success!
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    My first quarter of 2017 will be hectic, but after that, I'd be happy to be hired for such a project.

    I do OTOing and original music commissions, and you can find full information on them here.

    As an experienced voicebank developer myself, I also write reclists for many languages and many purposes.

    My contact information is available on my website.
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