The future of UTAU-Synth: compatibility in future Mac OS

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    The current Mac OS, Mac OS High Sierra (10.13), is the last OS that runs 32-bit apps without compromise.

    The new upcoming Mac OS is called Mac OS Mojave. We don't know yet but this OS might not support or run properly any 32-bit apps.

    So, you may ask: "How this affects in UTAU-Synth"?

    Well, you see, UTAU-Synth is 32-bit app (and so is OREMO's native Mac version too).

    Because UTAU-Synth hasn't reserved any updates after 2013, it's unlikely that the developer of UTAU-Synth will come back and update the app from 32-bit to 64-bit.

    When more information about Mac OS Mojave is available, I'll do research if UTAU-Synth work in that OS or is better to stay in High Sierra to keep UTAU-Synth running smoothly.

    Thank you for reading.

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