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    UTAU originals seem to get a lot less attention than vocaloid for some reason, even though there are many great songs, so I thought making a thread would be a good way to introduce more people to UTAU producers. (I probably forgot a lot producers while making the list so I'll keep adding them to the post as I remember)

    Some producers have a youtube channel, but they usually only have their most recent works posted there so if you like their works, I strongly encourage you to check niconico as well.

    Notable works” for each producer is just a selection of 4 songs including their more popular and recent works so you can get a quick idea of their style. (I thought of making genre categories, like rock or pop, but I actually have no idea what is what, so I probably would get it wrong and just confuse people more. Besides, I think a lot of songs don’t really fit a specific genre.)

    If you're curious about the lyrics of a song, you can request a translation in my thread or wordpress site.
    Also, quite a few producers sell albums on pixiv booth, so if you're ever looking to buy something and have questions (since most info + part of booth interface is in Japanese) don't hesitate to ask me! I'll be really happy if more people come to appreciate the work of UTAU producers and support them!

    (And of course if you have any UTAU original/producer recommendations of your own, feel free to comment!)

    Aotani (青谷)
    Mostly uses: Kasane Teto

    Aru Choumiryou (ある調味料)
    Niconico Youtube
    Mostly uses: Nizimine Kakoi, Nene Nene, Matsudappoiyo, Amaga Elu, Saine Yume
    セルリアンブルー錯視症 - Amaga Elu & Matsudappoiyo
    凡宵思案 - Nene Nene & Nizimine Kakoi
    再再夜- Tsurei (都黎) & Munou Seiken (無能声犬)
    葦に残渣 - Saine Yume & Saine Utsutsu

    Asa (亜沙)
    Niconico Youtube
    Mostly uses: Kasane Teto

    Ayana (文無)
    Niconico Youtube Soundcloud
    Mostly uses: Asane Bow, Matsudappoiyo, Mine Laru, Nizimine Kakoi, Asane Ema
    YOMAI - Kuzudayone & Kuzudarou
    リエントリ(Re-entry) - Matsudappoine
    蚕(Silkmoth) - Asane Bow
    Mora - Nizimine Kakoi & Mine Laru

    Bakuha Mikan (爆破みかん/ OEx)
    niconico Youtube
    Mostly uses: Amadori Yuui ((雨鳥ユウイ)
    efflorescence - Amadori Yuui
    Minie - Amadori Yuui
    感染譚 - Amadori Yuui
    ホワイトライト - Amadori Yuui

    gaburyu (ぷぐ)
    niconico Youtube
    Mostly uses: Amaga Elu
    POP IT SODA - Amaga Elu
    Sugar Beach - Amaga Elu
    Melt Summer - Amaga Elu
    がむ - Amaga Elu

    goemon (五右衛門)
    niconico youtube
    Mostly uses: Sekka Yufu, Ooka Miko, Momone Momo

    Harufuri (はるふり)
    Niconico Youtube
    Mostly uses: Kasane Teto
    人類不適合者- Kasane Teto
    右に曲ガール - Kasane Teto
    浮遊感 - Kasane Teto
    ナンセンスの塊 - Kasane Teto

    Niconico Youtube
    Mostly uses: Saine Yume, Momone Momo, Sekka Yufu (Also uses Vocaloid, Miku Dark)
    ひとはおばけになる - Hatsune Miku Dark
    スナッフフィルム – Fuyu Rei (浮遊レイ)
    夏と汚い水溜り- Momone Momo
    逃避行- Saine Yume

    Jishaku (じしゃく)
    Mostly uses: Anna Nyui, Kasane Teto
    Odoll - Anna Nyui
    ラークリマ- Anna Nyui
    逃争心 - Anna Nyui
    StarLight - Anna Nyui

    Kazawara (風原)
    Mostly uses: Sekka Yufu, Amaga Elu, Namine Ritsu
    ジョウミャク- Gekiyaku
    Refrainy day - Amaga Elu
    F to Z - Sekka Yufu
    シブンノラムダ- Nizimine Kakoi

    Known (のうん)
    Niconico Youtube
    Mostly uses: Saine Yume, Nizimine Kakoi, Mizuki (満月)
    テーベー - Kazehiki
    『黄昏時の怪異譚』- Kuzudayone & Kuzudarou
    箒星 - Saine Yume
    Dolce - Nizimine Kakoi & Mizuki

    Mostly uses: Matsudappoiyo, Kohaku Merry
    きっと僕はいつもどおり- Matsudappoiyo & Keine Ron
    ISO - Nizimine Kakoi
    来たれ!群青!- Matsudappoiyo & Kohaku Merry
    至極当然 - Matsudappoiyo & Mawarine Shuu

    niconico youtube
    Mostly uses: Saine Yume, Sekka Yufu, Gekiyaku, Amadori Yuui
    アトモスリアリティ - Saine Yume
    macrocosm - Saine Yume
    affect - Amadori Yuui
    完成形世界観ユートピア- Gekiyaku

    mylist1 mylist2 youtube
    Mostly uses: Kasane Teto, Sekka Yufu, Momone Momo, Defoko
    hp - Sekka Yufu
    Sky High - Kasane Teto
    ホワイトナイト - Momone Momo
    レム - Defoko

    Nishimon (藍色にしもん/ nishigen11)
    niconico Youtube
    Mosty uses: Yamine Renri, kokone (Vocaloid)
    クラリ - Yamine Renri
    声が降る世界で - Yamine Renri
    二人の朝焼け- Yamine Renri
    Deception ~ホオズキの灯~- kokone

    Nishino (西野)
    niconico youtube
    Often uses: Amane Louis (雨音ルイ), Inorine Eve (祈音イヴ), Nanine Iro (何音イロ)
    lone - Amane Louis
    equal - Asane Bow
    触れて、染めて、浮きあって - Inorine Eve
    ぱらぱら - Nanine Iro

    Pibo (ぴぼ)
    Nizimine Kakoi songs mylist Other songs (including vocaloid) mylist
    Search ぴぼ on niconico for other works not in mylist
    Mostly uses: Nizimine Kakoi

    Police Picadilly (ポリスピカデリー)
    Niconico Youtube
    Mostly uses: Yamine Renri (also Vocaloid Miku and CeVIO ONE)
    Cynic - Yamine Renri
    曖昧さ回避 - Yamine Renri
    ナーヴ・インパルス- Yamine Renri
    Sugar Guitar - Yamine Renri

    niconico youtube soundcloud
    Mostly uses: Uzuki (雨月), Yamine Renri, Anna Nyui
    夜顔の告白- Anna Nyui
    MOTH - Tsuzukippoika (都築っぽいか)
    天國へみちづれ - Uzuki
    電脳歌姫ユメミスティック- Shione Lt, Yamine Renri, Yuumi Furuara, Anna Nyui, Hoshisuisyo

    Sarugaku Miyabi (猿楽雅)
    Mostly uses: Agata Manase (アガタマナセ) , Toon (透音), Hotone Raia♀(辺音ライア♀), Saki(沙樹), Kazehiki
    ベアトリーチェの庭 - Kazehiki & Agata Manase
    コキューディア - Agata Manase & Toon
    step! - Hotone Raia♀, Saki, Agata Manase
    魔法のチョコレート - Hotone Raia♀, Saki, Agata Manase

    Sigure (時雨)
    Niconico Youtube
    Mostly uses: Kazehiki, Nizimine Kakoi, Anna Nyui
    (some works may contain implied mature content, please watch at your own discretion)
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    Wow, I only recognize a few of those names. Guess I’ll have to check the rest of them out.
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